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Everyone in the bar started running for their lives immediately they saw the boys being gu*nn£d down by stray bu*ll£ts.


Madam Pepe was about running away too, but I held her asking her to show me where Harriet was.


She refused to tell me anything, instead she was struggling to free herself from my grip.


Probably the snipers thought she was having a fight with me.


Just then madam Pepe received a sh0t on one of her legs which made her scr£amed in pa*ins.


I immediately left her and signalled to some of the snipers to follow me inside so that we would search for Harriet.


Some of the snipers remained at the front of the bar just in case of any unusual movement.


Fortunately for me i saw bintu along with some other girls hiding, inside a corner in the brothel.


I told her not to be scared and I pleaded with her if she knows the whereabouts of Harriet.


Bintu quickly led me to the room Harriet was kept which was located at the back of the brothel.


When we got there, we discovered the door was an iron door and it was locked.


One of the snipers that accompanied me to the location, asked the rest of us to step back and he sprayed a ch£mical like substance all over the iron door.


The iron door suddenly shrinked and opened on it’s own.


Immediately the door opened, we all stormed into the dark room with our torches because it was already day dark.


When we got in, i saw my beautiful Harriet in a very bad shape, she was being tied with chains on her hands and legs.


I quickly rushed to her because she seemed like she was gasping for air and her eyes were beginning to turn white.


With the assistance of the men that followed me, we quickly untied the chains on her hands and legs and I placed Harriet over my shoulders and we left.


While we were moving out of the room, i kept pleading with Harriet to hold on, because I was afraid to loose her.


Harriet please, am here for you, please be strong for me, don’t give up just yet, please baby wake up……..I pleaded with tears rolling down my eyes.


Bintu picked up few things from their room, and followed us.


While we were coming out towards the bar area, we saw some crowd gathered around madam Pepe, sympathising with her.


She was still screaming in pains from the gunsh0t she received earlier on her leg.


We simply passed and no one dared talk to us because the men were heavily armed.


When I got to my car, i carefully placed Harriet at the back seat and bintu sat with her there to look after her.


Harriet was unconscious, but she was still breathing, but her breath were slowly depreciating.


We drove straight to the hospital, and Harriet was attended to immediately when we got there.


Few minutes later the doctor came back telling me Harriet would be needing some bl00d transfusion, because she lost quite a lot of bl00d.


I instantly volunteered to donate my bl00d to Harriet, and coincidentally my bl00d matched with that of Harriet.


After all said and done, it was discovered by the doctor that Harriet was rap£d which led to her l00sing our unborn child.


The doctor also discovered some fracture in her w0mb which would affect her fertility in future.


All the news the doctor mentioned about Harriet, got my heart wr£nching in pa*ins and i made up my mind to go back and finish off madam Pepe once and for all, because she caused all this upon Harriet.


Harriet was unconscious for two weeks and during when she was unconscious, i and bintu were by her side at the hospital.


Bintu on the other hand, kept praying to Allah for Harriet to be safe and alive.


Me i didn’t know how to pray, but i just kept speaking to Harriet everyday to wake up believing she would hear me.


The day it completed two weeks that Harriet was unconscious, that afternoon i and bintu were gisting and then suddenly Harriet moved her fingers.


Bintu, did you just see that, I thought I saw her moving her fingers or am I just hallucinating?………I asked bintu in bewilderment.


I saw it too, let’s watch her closely if she would move her hands again…… bintu replied focusing on Harriet.


Few seconds later Harriet moved her fingers again and she was also trying to open her eyes.


Bintu instantly rushed to call the doctor and then Harriet turned to look at me with her eyes now fully opened.


She tried saying something, but I hushed her instantly, carefully placing my index finger on her lips, I could see tears rolling from her eyes, which made me teary too.


Few minutes later the doctor came back with bintu, along with some nurses.


The doctor asked bintu and I to step out of the room so he would examine Harriet which we quickly did.


Few days after Harriet woke up from her unconsciousness, she was beginning to recover fast, and she was back to the Harriet i used to know.


I was now a happy man again seeing Harriet happy.


The doctor advised not to tell Harriet the news of her lost pregnancy and the state of her womb yet until she was fully recovered, so she won’t be traumatized.


I agreed to what the doctor said, and I also informed bintu too which she also agreed.


I don’t want Harriet to feel sad about everything that happened to her, so it’s best to just keep it away from her until she is able to accept the news of our lost unborn child.


A week later Harriet was discharged from the hospital, and I took her straight to a well furnished bungalow i got for she and bintu to stay pending when she was fit to come see my family.


To be continued………..

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