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After i finished speaking with Harriet that night, i stayed awake until 6am, because my heart wasn’t at rest for the sake of Harriet.


When it was 6:30am, I hurriedly started getting prepared to go and see madam Pepe so I could bring Harriet home, once and for all.


I was really determined to give madam Pepe any amount she asked for, so long as she allows Harriet follow me home.


I left home few minutes past 7, and I drove with speed, so I could get there on time.


Madam Pepe’s bar and brothel isn’t far from where I live, it’s just a 20mins drive, but I just drove roughly because I was anxious for what am about to do.


I finally got to madam Pepe’s bar, and i saw that the girl there were just opening the place, and madam Pepe sat at a corner there, ordering them around.


I stepped into the bar, and madam Pepe instantly stood up in anger seeing me.


I greeted her, but she ignored my greetings and started questioning my presence there.


Why are you here gbenga?……..she asked rudely.


Am here to see my woman Harriet, i want to take her away from here……..i replied calmly.


Harriet is not here, i sent her on an errand…….she replied back.


Instantly i knew she was lying, and she didn’t want me to see Harriet.


I lost my cool, and I started raising my voice at her because I was frustrated, but madam Pepe started pushing me away, telling me she doesn’t want to see me there any longer.


In the process of us arguing, Harriet came out, and she immediately ran to hug me.


Immediately she hugged me, i felt a little bit calm, I had wanted to just start kissing her there, but i had to control myself.


Just then, I pulled away from her, and grabbed her hands so we would leave.


But madam Pepe refused, she immediately came and dra*gged Harriet away from me.


I f0ught really hard with madam Pepe, I tried 0verp0wering her, but one of her boys there got hold of Harriet, and pointing a g*un at her head.


He threatened to bl0w 0ff head if I don’t leave the bar.


For the sake of Harriet and my unborn child safety, i instantly let go of madam Pepe, and I gave Harriet a long stare, assuring her in my heart, that I would be back.


When I got to my car, i started sobbing like a kid, because I felt like a failure, because I couldn’t save Harriet.


I then thought about my uncle, and a sinister smile creped on my face.


I don’t necessarily asked for my uncles influence before, but now I think I would need his help, because I can’t allow Harriet remain in there.


Leaving there, seemed like a d£ath trap, only God knows what might happen to her after i left, but I just hope and pray she and my unborn child are safe.


I drove off to my uncles office, because I know he won’t be home by now.


When I got to his office, his secretary told me he was in a board meeting with foreigners and I waited at the reception office.


She wasn’t aware i and my uncle were related, because she kept rolling her eyes at me because of how casual i dressed.


After an hour, my uncle was through with his meeting, and when he came out from the board room, i rushed to prostrate before him as a sign of greetings.


I could see the shock on his face seeing me prostrate before him because I have never done that to him before.


Well I had no choice, since I need a help from him, i just have to be humble.


Though he would have still helped me anyway, even if I didn’t prostrate, but this is not the time to be the usual proud and saucy boy.


I followed him to his office and explained everything to him, i told the whole truth about Harriet and madam Pepe.


I also pleaded with him not to tell mom anything and it should be between the both of us which he agreed.


My uncle instantly sent some men who are SNIPER’S to go along with me that day.


my uncle instructed them to sh00t if things gets out of hand which they agreed.


I went back with the SNIPER’S to madam Pepe’s bar that same day, it was already evening before we got there.


The SNIPER’S all spread out, surrounding the bar and waiting for any misbehaviour from madam Pepe so they would sh00t.


I casually strolled into the bar again, and walked straight to madam Pepe telling her to bring Harriet out.


But madam Pepe started shouting at me drawing everyone’s attention there towards the both of us.


Some of her customers at the bar even called me lover boy and tried sending me away.


Suddenly some of madam Pepe’s boys surrounded me, they held different w£ap0ns on their hands with the aim of using it on me.


As they were about att*acking me, each of them started receiving bu*ll£ts on different parts of their bodies.


To be continued

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  1. This is a great piece of literature. Please, always a alert me of future Episodes of My Life as An Orphan.

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