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It’s been over two weeks now, and I still haven’t heard from gbenga, and his lines weren’t going through either.


Everyday i kept calling gbenga wishing a miracle will just happen, and I will hear his voice again, but that didn’t happened.


I always felt h£artbr0ken, each time I call gbenga and it doesn’t go through.


Bintu had been encouraging me to be patient, gbenga will come back to me.


I still continued doing my job of dancing and most times madam Pepe gets clients for me.


I wouldn’t dare tell her no, and gbenga wasn’t there to defend me either, so I have to do everything she tells me so she won’t be suspicious of me.


I was already two months gone, and unfortunately for me, my tummy had began to take shape of a baby bump.


Bintu noticed it, and advised i put on a girdle for now, pending when I would escape from there.


I quickly jumped on the Idea, thinking it was easy but it wasn’t easy for me at all.


That morning i got prepared as usual, and bintu helped me fixed the girdle on, making sure to tighten it so my tummy would look flat.


After dressing up i was now so uncomfortable in it, but bintu assured me that I would get used to it with time.


I felt like expl0ding that moment, because I was really uncomfortable in it but I just have to bear it for the main time.


I resumed dancing for that day, while I was dancing, the discomfort I was feeling, was really intense.


I thought I would be able to bear the discomfort till after i finished dancing, but I couldn’t bear it any longer.


Suddenly i felt sharp pa*ins at my abdomen and at the same time I developed a migraine.


I began to feel dizzy while I was dancing, I held my head and tummy in pa*ins, and then i fell down and lost consciousness.


The ray of sunshine reflecting from the open window in the room made me open my eyes and it seems to that it was morning.


I held my head, because I was still feeling a little h£adach£, then i slowly sat up on the bed staring unconsciously at nothing.


then i slowly rubbed my tummy and I smiled sheepishly knowing i was carrying a little human there.


I was about talking to my unborn, then bintu walked in, sitting close to me on the bed, with a smile on her face and I wondered what amused her.


“Good morning”………..I greeted.


Good morning, hope you are feeling better now?…….she asked in concerned.


I have good news for you……. bintu said, smiling.


What’s the good news?…….I asked smiling too.


Last night when you were fast asleep, i was here watching over you, and your phone kept ringing.


At first I didn’t want to pick so as not to invade your privacy, but the phone kept ringing, and I gr@bbed the phone with the aim of just switching it off.


But to my shock and amazement, gbenga was the one calling and i…….


I interrupted bintu g@sping loudly, so you mean gbenga called?……I asked squealing with excitement.


Yes he called and told me it was a long story, and then he asked after you, I told him you were sleeping, and you had been sick since he left, i also told him you were pregnant, and he should come and take you away from here immediately.


I got so emotional while bintu was talking, and I rushed to hug her.


You are such an angel bintu, I bless the day i met a sweet soul like you……..I said in a whisper.


It’s okay Harriet, am glad you are also a good girl to me too……..she replied wrapping her hands around me.


Just then we started hearing noise coming from the bar area as if there were arguements going on there.


Bintu pulled away from me and told me she wants to go and check what was going on.


Some minutes later bintu ran back telling me it’s gbenga and madam Pepe having a fi*ght.


According to her, gbenga wanted to see me, but madam Pepe refused trying to drive him away.


I ran with speed to the bar area forgetting i was sick, when I got there, i saw gbenga and i immediately ran to give him a hug not minding if madam Pepe was there or not.


Everyone’s attention was now focused on us, it was like a movie.


Suddenly gbenga grabbed my hands leading me away with him.


Madam Pepe shouted, refusing to let me go with gbenga.

Gbenga and madam Pepe started fig*hting.


Then one of madam Pepe’s boys, dr@gg£d me closer to him, pointing a g*n at my head, which sc@red the living day light 0ut of me.


He shouted at gbenga to leave the environment, or else he would bl0w 0ff my sk*ull.


Gbenga left madam Pepe, giving me a long stare and he left the bar.


He came alone, so he couldn’t do much, but I trust gbenga, he would surely come back for me.


Immediately gbenga left, madam Pepe instructed some of her boys to d£al with me.


They took me to a strange room in the brothel which looked old and dirty with just a bed in it.


Five of them took turns ra*ping me and left me bl££ding until there was no strength l£ft in me, then i pa*ss£d out.


I woke up some time later, seeing my hands and legs ti£d with chains, and I was still bl££ding.


Madam Pepe stared at me with her eyes bl@zing r£d with anger.


I will never allow you bring shame to my reputation in this area.


You will remain here until i know what to do with you, you ungrateful soul….. madam Pepe said angrily to me.


Madam Pepe spat at me, leaving me in pains and I heard her locking the room from outside.


After she left, i cried out with the last strength in me, begging God to help me out of the situation i was currently in.


The windows and doors in the room were all locked, there was no light in the room except for a small electric lamp which couldn’t reflect much light in the room.


I didn’t even know if it was day or night outside, but I just kept my hope alive trusting for a miracle to happen.


To be continued…………

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