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When we got in, madam Pepe led me to a room with only a small bed and few other things.


Stay here and rest for a while, so that you can regain strength…..she said opening the door of the room.


She also encouraged me to feel at home, and then she left.


I went into the room and sat on the bed looking around the room.


The room wasn’t that beautiful but it was far more better than the orphanage home I grew up from.


Just then, a young lady barged into the room without knocking, talking rudely at me, and also rolling her eyes.


Don’t you have manners, how can you just barged in here like that, what if I was naked?…..I asked angrily.


Taaarrr shut up there

Who this one dey form oyibo for?…..she rudely asked rolling her eyes at me.


What brought you here?…..I asked tiredly because I wasn’t ready for any drama.


Madam Pepe say make i ask you, wetin you go like chop?…..she asked me.


Oh, anything would do please…..I replied.


And then she left closing the door loudly.


After she left, i kept wondering why she is that rude, wasn’t she well brought up?


Few minutes later, the same girl came in with a tray in her hand.


She roughly dropped the tray of food on a small stool close to the bed and then she left hissing loudly.


Why is this girl rude to me, why doesn’t she like me, have i ever offended her?


Different questions kept coming to my mind towards the girl which i couldn’t answer.


Then I draw the stool closer, and before me was a very sumptuous delicacy that I have never had for a long time now.


It was a meal of jollof rice, plantain and two big chunks of chicken.

And beside the food was a bottle of cold malt and water.


I immediately started eating because I was very hungry.


While I was eating, i already made up my mind to plead with madam Pepe to adopt me or employ me so I can be enjoying this kind of food every day.


After i finished eating, I went to keep the plate at the kitchen area, and they were lots of girls there.


I greeted them, and some replied, some didn’t.

They were just looking at me.


I left the kitchen back to the room madam Pepe showed me earlier.


And then i met a girl there, she was getting dressed like she was going out.


“Hi good evening”……I greeted.


Hello how are you?……she replied without looking at me.


I sat down on the bed, staring at nothing, then the girl started talking to me which made me surprised.


You are the new girl right?….she asked staring at me.


Yes…I mean no, madam Pepe hasn’t employed me yet…..I replied.


Employed you??

Hope you are aware of the kind of job we are doing here?

Are you really ready for this?

because you look innocent to me…… she asked looking at me worriedly.


As i was about replying her, madam Pepe came in to the room, shouting at the girl to hurry up and quickly go to the place she sent her.


Innocent me thought maybe madam Pepe sent her on an errand to buy something or pick something at the market for her.


Then the girl left in a hurry, seems like she was afraid of madam Pepe.


How your body now, you don ch0p abi?…. madam Pepe asked me.


Yes ma, thank you for the food ma….I replied.


What about your parents, or any of your family members, won’t they be worried about you by now?….. madam Pepe asked.


No ma, am an orphan, please ma, I would like to stay here with you, I don’t want to go back to the orphanage home please….I pleaded.


It’s okay, no problems, as long as you do everything I tell you to do, we both won’t have issues….. madam Pepe said smiling.


I promise you ma I would be a good girl to you, I won’t be disobedient….I said feeling grateful.


Madam Pepe smiled at me again and left my room.


To be continued…..

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