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Immediately mom asked that question, everyone in the office suddenly went quite.


The atmosphere there in the office was quiet to an extent, if a pin dropped, it will be heard.


Am I not speaking to human beings, You all here aren’t deaf right?

I repeat again, who did this to my son?……… Mom shouted angrily.


Ehhhmm madam, eejor eh farabale(madam please calm down) the thing is that, your son had a fi*ght with the senators son, and that was why he was arr£sted and kept in the correction room……… the superior officer replied.


Immediately the superior officer said that to mom, all h£ll was let loosed, mom wasn’t having it all she started making calls.


Right in front of everyone there, she called the commissioner of police informing him i was kid*napped for a crime i know nothing about by the police there.


SENATOR ALFRED AYODELE, I didn’t expect this from you, remember i was one of the person’s who made you a senator despite you didn’t win the election.

Is this what I get in return, what if my only son had di£d?………..my uncle asked referring to the senator calmly.


The senator immediately knelt in front of my uncle begging him profusely.


OTUNBA ejoor, my child was only suffering from youthful exuberance, he didn’t mean to ha*rm your son please.


Even I wasn’t aware you had a son, joor tori oloun, we are deeply sorry, please don’t take my position away from me please……… the senator kept begging my uncle.


The senator and his family, all knelt down pleading with my uncle to forgive their f00lish son and not send him to pris0n.


My uncle being a calm man didn’t say much, but my mom kept ranting at the men there for laying a finger on me, and they were all mute.


My mom arrested every force men there for abu*se and att£mpt£d mu*rder, and she insists on charging the case to court.


The senator kept pleading with mom to forgive his son but my mom refused, claiming their son must also have a taste of what I went through.


Some troops of armi£s stormed the station, and picked the senators son away with them.


When they were taking him away, I couldn’t help but laugh at the way he was crying and screaming out for his parents to help him.


My uncle simply assured the senator that his position as a senator is still intact, but his son must be pun*ished by the law.


After all said and done, we al left the station, including my friends that were arr£sted with me, straight to the hospital, where i was being treated.


While I was at the hospital, i couldn’t think straight, i kept thinking about Harriet, wondering how she would be feeling now.


My phone’s weren’t with me, mom ceased them telling me to get well first before she gives them to me, there was no way I could call Harriet.


I had Harriet’s number by heart, but i don’t want to use any strangers phone to call Harriet, for fear of the unknown.


Mom and uncle were the only people visiting me at the hospital, mom didn’t allow my friends to come at all.


After one week at the hospital, the doctor told me i was now fit to go home.


The morning i was discharged, some of my friends came to the hospital to drive me home.


They gave me some information about Harriet, and told me Harriet wasn’t looking happy as usual, and she looked odd.


I told them to just pass by the bar if I would get a glimpse of Harriet.


They made me promised not to come out from the car, and I agreed to the terms.


We passed by the bar, and stopped for a while so I could see Harriet.


The car wind was tinted, so no one could see us inside, but we could clearly see people outside.


I watched Harriet sadly, and I noticed she wasn’t even dancing happily as usual, she looked a bit different, or probably it’s because I hadn’t seen her in a while.


Suddenly she held her tummy, and her head like she was in pa*ins, and then she c0llaps£d.


I screamed her name from inside the car, and I wanted to jump out and rescue her, but my friends refused and they drove off.


When I got home, I was restless, I quickly asked mom for my phones which she gave to me.


I started calling Harriet, but no one picked up the calls .


I called several until it was 10pm at night, then the call was answered, but it was bintu who picked the call.


Hello gbenga, is that really you on the line?……..she asked in surprise.


Yes bintu, its a long story, please i wanted to speak with Harriet.

How is she feeling now?…..I asked feeling concerned.


I think you will have to call back tomorrow morning, because she is sleeping now, so we don’t disturb her, she isn’t feeling well.


Am sorry about that, please when did she started feeling sick…….I asked.


It’s since the day you where being taken away after that fi*ght,……. bintu replied.


Oh am really sorry about that, am sorry I put Harriet through all this stress, it won’t happen again.


Suddenly bintu said something that gave me the sh0ck of my Life, but before I could react to the news, she Hung up.


Gbenga please i beg you, now that you are out, please try your very best and come and take Harriet away from here she is carrying your child, Harriet is pregnant.


You said what????……..I asked like i didn’t hear her clearly.


Bintu hung up on me, and I tried calling back to confirm if what she said was a joke or real, but the phone was switched off.


That night i couldn’t sleep, i didn’t even know if i should be sad about the news or happy.


I kept wondering if am ready to be a father at my young age of 28.


So Harriet is pregnant?

No wonder she fain*ted earlier today.


Then suddenly my countenance changed to a angry one, how could madam Pepe asked her to dance in that condition, is she ins@ne?


By tomorrow am definitely bringing Harriet to this house, whether madam Pepe likes it or not.


To be continued………….

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