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I sat down close to the senators son on a chair facing the superior officer.


For some minutes there was an awkward silence among the three of us.


The superior officer kept writing some stuff on a huge book in front of him.


Just then he dropped the pen, closed the book and started addressing us.


Erhhmm mister gbenga, why didn’t you tell us OTUNBA ABIOLA ADEBOWALE, is your father?

What were your plans, were you trying to set us up?……….the superior officer asked me calmly.


Oh please officer, cut me that crap, if anyone is trying to set you up, it’s this nicompoop here…….I replied pointing at the senators son.


We are deeply sorry gbenga it wasn’t our fault here, we were only doing our job…….. the superior officer replied pleading with me.


You were only doing your job you said?

After almost Keeling me, without hearing my own part of the story?

Wait until my dad and mom gets here, you will smell the real taste of power………I fired back


But gbenga you sef calm down na, ah ah, you were the one who fought me first over that low life.


How can the son of a powerful and famous man be in that cheap bar and brothel, more so fighting over that cheap looking prostitute, when they are better girls out there………the senators son said scornfully.


You still have mouth to talk right, do you think am like you that is living on the small power your father has in the society?………I asked in scorn.


If you know what is good for you, better remain silent until our parents come, if you don’t want to add more trouble to the one you have caused…….I replied again.


I watched the senators son closely, and he was calm as ice, he didn’t utter any words to me again.


Just then the senator and his wife which are his parents stepped in, the officers stood up to greet them except me.


The stared at me, waiting for me to stand up and greet them which i didn’t, I just sat there staring at them, which made them stared at me in disgust.


Well, the superior officer told them everything that happened between their son and I, and they both had different expression of shock on their faces which had me smiling sheepishly.


Ehmmm my son please ehhhnnn, we can settle this issue amicably without the involvement of your parents please.


Let’s just call them and lie to them that you were kid*napped and was found by us, and I promise I will pay you handsomely for it, please am begging you…….. the senator pleaded with me.


Then I let out a wild long laughter.

You must think that am a fool right, how much do you have to give to me compared to the one in my bank accounts?

You get money?

Abeg shift one side………I blasted at the senator without respect.


Michael you see what you have done?

I have always told you countless times to always avoid trouble, but you won’t listen.


Look now you have successfully ruined my reputation, if this young man’s father gets here, my position as a senator is gone………. the senator lamented soberly, referring to his son.


But daddy he was the one who attacked me first over a woman, he didn’t allow me picked the girl of my choice……. the senators son replied back to his father.


Ori yin tiin daaru(your head is c0rrupt) what were you doing at that bar and brothel in the first place?

If you had got married to Benita, the lady your mother and I chose for you, would we have been here today?……… the senator fired back at his son.


Then an intense argument went on between father and son and the mother tried to calm the both of them down which was impossible.


I was beginning to enjoy the argument between the three of them, and then the door to the office opened and my mom stormed in, followed by my uncle.


The scent of their expensive cologne first filled the office which almost choked me.


Mom ran to hug me, but I whimpered in pa*ins and then she moved away from me staring all over my me.


Then she got hold of my shirt, and pulled it up and she screamed at the several bru*is£s and cuts on my body.


Who did this to my son?…….mom asked with anger written all over her face.


To be continued………….

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