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The day that stu*pid senators son came into the bar, i knew he came for Harriet, and I was very prepared for him.


Since madam Pepe resumed her business, I was no longer having any free time with Harriet again because I didn’t want to put her into trouble.


Since I wasn’t having her at will like before, I didn’t want to also let another man have her.


But that day i lost my patience and f0ught dirty with the senators son.


He was no match for me, if not that Harriet pleaded with me to stop fig*hting him, i would have keeled him with my bare hands.


How could he dare rub what Harriet does to my face?

I felt deep pa*ins in my heart when he called Harriet despicable name’s, right in front of me.


I was glad i was able to d£al with him seriously before letting him go.

He is such an assh0le, I will never allow him or anyone insult my woman.


Seemed like the senator’s son invited force men, because a van filled with force men, pulled up in front of the bar.


They r0ughly got hold of me and my friends and h@ndcuff£d us, pus*hing us into the van like cri*minals.


When we were being driven away, i looked backed and saw Harriet wa*iling and trying to run after us, but madam Pepe stopped her.


I could hear her cr*ies and scr£ams which pi£rced my heart deeply, and to my friends amazement, I started s0bbing.


I wasn’t s0bbing because I was weak, i was s0bbing because I made Harriet cri*ed, I wonder the kind of pa*ins she would be feeling right now.


Now that I am not there, how will Harriet cope without me?

I know she would definitely be going through a hard time now, which am not proud of.


My friends kept consoling me, telling me we would get out of this m£ss as usual.


They thought i was sad about being arr£sted, but unknown to them, i was sad for the sake of Harriet.


We got to the station, and the officers there ceased our phones and told us to pull off our clothes.


My friends did as instructed, but I refused, telling them i will never be detained until my uncle and mom comes.


I also refused to drop my phone’s, which was later ceased by some of the men there, and they switched it off right in front of me.


Suddenly i saw the senators son whispering to one of the men there, and handing some wads of cash to him.


After that he walked up to me with a mischievous smile on his face.


You sabi fi*ght because of woman abi, i will see how you will be able to contend with seven guys at once every day……….he spoke looking straight to my eyes.


I didn’t say anything to him but I gathered the whole saliva in my mouth, and spat at his face.


Then some of the men Instantly came and took me away.


My friends where kept in a separate cell along with other people, i was kept in a separate room and I wondered why.


Few minutes later some men who dressed in black wearing a mask came and they all started b£a*ting me.


I was really d£alt with by them, and it went on and on every day until it completed a week.


I got b£aten everyday by seven men who wore mask, and I was being fed once a day, with just bread and water.


Every part of my body was in pa*ins, and I developed bru*is£s and cu*ts all over.


I wondered how my friends were coping in their own cells.


There is this radio speaker in the station, loud enough to listen to it.


That day i was surprised a radio presenter from the radio station announced that I was missing and pleaded to give anyone who knew my whereabouts a token of 10million naira if am found.


Then I heard my moms voice from the background, pleading and it seemed like she was crying too.


She told the world that am her only child and she is afraid to l00se me.


I was happy and at the same time sad, that I made mom went through this kind of stress.


Am sure the officers must have heard that announcement, surprisingly no one came to be*at me as usual that day.


Instead of the usual bread and water i was given as food, i was now served with white rice and stew with big chunks of meat along with chilled bottle water which i ate hungrily.


Later that same evening, the small television in the room i was placed for toture, showed a photo of me, and I watched my uncle pleading sadly to anyone who knows my whereabouts.


He claimed i was his only son, and would give 10million naira to any one who will be able to find me.


The advert ended and for the first time in my life I was so proud of my uncle, and I saw him as my father.


The next morning, which was now making it a week and two days i was in the station.


I was surprised when the small door of the room opened, and some men came in, but this time they weren’t putting on mask.


I thought they had wanted to do their normal job, which was be*ating me.


But fortunately for me, they didn’t be*at me, instead they helped me stood up from the chair i was sitting, and also help me walk, because I couldn’t walk properly.


I they assisted me to the office of the superior officer, there i also met the senators son seated, but he couldn’t looked at my face.


To be continued………….

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