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Bintu kept staring at me, and it got me confused, wondering what went wrong.


There was an awkward silence between us in the room, bintu refused to say anything to me.


Bintu please talk to me, you’ve been staring at me in an unpleasant way, for some minutes now, what happened, did i do anything wrong?………I asked bintu sadly.


Harriet i sw£ar to Allah, if not for the soft spot I have for you ehhhnnn, I would have b£aten you up to pu*lp this minutes……. bintu replied angrily, raising her voice at me.


I gasped with her response, since I have known bintu, she has never been this angry with me, what offence did i commit, that made her this angry?………I thought.


I was still having several thoughts in my mind, when bintu spoke to me again, this time she was emotional.


Harriet how could you, how could you be this careless to have allowed gbenga got you pregnant?


What happened to our dreams and plans of you moving out of here, and getting a better life?………. bintu asked with tears rolling down her eyes.


I then placed my both hands on my head, wailing loudly, how am I going to go about this?


I instantly knelt down before bintu pleading with her to help out of the situation.


Bintu please, I didn’t do it intentionally, believe me, I was only carried away by my love for gbenga, please help me out, you are the only one i can depend on right now………I said pleading with bintu on my knees.


Harriet we would have to keep this pregnancy as a secret for now, if after two weeks, and gbenga’s line isn’t reachable, then we would have to get rid of it.


I stared at bintu not knowing what else to do, i already know what she was talking about, but a part of me wasn’t just ready to do it yet.


I was already inlove with the growing foetus in my womb, without even seeing it yet, and I didn’t want any harm to come upon him or her.


I rubbed my tummy gently, then I started having a sad feeling of emotions.


But bintu, what if in the process, something happens to me and I don’t survive it?……..I asked bintu, feeling scared for myself and my unborn.


Nothing will happen to you Harriet, the doctor won’t take long and you would be fine within the twinkle of an eye.


I too did it some years ago, but look at me now am good as new……. bintu replied boastfully.


I stared at bintu for a while, still not convinced of what she was telling me.


But bintu i don’t think am ready to get rid of my child, whether gbenga comes back or not am keeping my child……..I said with finality and confidence.


Harriet if you repeat that statement again, i will give you a sl*ap.

Are you insane, don’t you know if madam Pepe discover you are pregnant, she will k1ll you?………. bintu asked rudely.


That’s where you come in bintu, you have been coming through for me ever since I came here, this is the time i need you the most, please help me run away from here………I said holding bintu’s hands.


Bintu instantly removed her hands from mine, staring at me like she had seen a ghost.


Harriet, this won’t be nice at all, do you know what you are asking of me it’s dan*g£r0us, and may likely c0st me my life if madam Pepe finds out?…… bintu asked still in shock.


Bintu please, you know i just came here and I don’t know much about this area, you are more familiar with this environs, please am begging you help me out……..I kept pleading with bintu.


Let me even ask you Harriet, do you have what it takes to carter for a child?…….. bintu asked in scorn.


Yes, yes, yes, i have close to two million naira in my bank account, i think that would be enough for a start.

Right bintu?……..I asked feeling nervous.


Bintu sighed deeply, giving me a very long stare, but i looked away from her in shame.


Just then we heard madam Pepe voice, she was rudely banging the door telling me to come out side and dance.


Harriet what are you doing in there together with bintu, over an hour now?


You both should come outside now and do your duties individually, if you don’t want me to pull down this door.


I had wanted to rush to open the door, but bintu held me back, and whispered to me that we should let madam Pepe leave the door post before coming out.


Madam Pepe kept knocking and talking at the top of her voice but we kept mute.


After some minutes of her ranting, we heard her walking away.


Bintu first opened the door and looked around, before beckoning on me to come outside.


When we both got to the bar, madam Pepe started confronting us with why we both didn’t answer her several Knocks earlier.


We told her we were fast asleep and didn’t know when she came.


Madam Pepe stared at me suspiciously and signalled me to go and dance while bintu served at the bar.


While I was dancing, I wasn’t in my usual happy self, and the men there kept complaining that I wasn’t dancing happily as before.


Bintu came to whisper to my ears that I should have to dance happily if I don’t want madam Pepe to suspect me.


Immediately she said that to me, i danced with all my strength and I got cheers from the people there.


I felt some pa*ins while I was dancing, but i pretended I was fine so I won’t be suspected by madam Pepe.


To be continued…………..

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