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Madam Pepe kept staring at me in bewilderment clapping her hands together at intervals.


Suddenly, madam Pepe began to raise her voice at me, which drew other girls attention towards me, and I buried my head in shame.


Harriet who is responsible for it?…….. madam Pepe asked angrily, walking closer to me.


Ma I-i-i do-ont know what you are talking about…….I replied, stuttering in fright.


Just then, madam Pepe landed a dry loud sl*ap on my face, and gr@*bb£d my hair, which made me scr£amed out in pa*ins.


Harriet, so you didn’t only fall in love with that b@s*tard called gbenga, you also allowed him get you pregnant isn’t it?…….. madam Pepe asked angrily at the top of her voice, still h0lding 0n t0 my hair.


Madam Pepe please i beg you, i still don’t understand what you are talking about, believe me………I pleaded, crying uncontrollably.


And then bintu came out from no where, kneeling before madam Pepe, and speaking on my behalf.


Madam Pepe please, I don’t think she is pregnant, I was watching her closely, she always take her c0ntrac£ptives, maybe it was the food she ate last night that upset her stomach………. bintu pleaded with madam Pepe on my behalf.


Hmmm bintu are you sure, because this Harriet is now claiming smarter than me oh, and if I found out she is pregnant, you know what that means?……. madam Pepe said referring to bintu.


Madam Pepe, what bintu said it’s true, I take my pi*lls diligently, and most times i used CD………I lied still crying so madam Pepe would believe me.


Deep down in my heart i knew i wasn’t saying the truth, but I just have to flow along with bintu, so madam Pepe won’t k1ll me.


My period was delayed for over a month now, I complained to bintu the other day about it, and she told me to be patience and it will come, and even told me it sometimes happens to her.


But now it beginning to seem like am pregnant, because I have been having stomach upset for some days now and I suddenly became lazy.


If it turns out that I am pregnant, gbenga would definitely be responsible for it, because he had been the only man i have been moving with ever since madam Pepe wasn’t around.


Madam Pepe then let go of my ha*ir, giving me a last warning never to see me around gbenga.


I and bintu left the bar, and went in.

while we were going into the brothel, I could hear Whispers, murmuring and laughter among my colleagues.


I knew they were gossiping about me, but I just have to let them be and not reply any of them.


When we got to the room, bintu quickly shut the door, and brought out a little bowl and told me to uri*nate inside it.


Why should I uri*nate inside it, what do you want to do with it?……..I asked inquisitively.


Harriet this is not the time for questions and Answers, just do what I told you to do…….. bintu replied angrily.


I reluctantly collected the bowl from her, and i did as she had requested with it and then i gave it back to her.


Then bintu brought out something from her bag that looked like a pen, and she dipped the tip of it inside the bowl containing my uri*ne.


Some minutes later, bintu stared at the pen like stuff in her hands, with her eyes widened with shock.


I rushed beside her to take a look at it, and i saw two bold lines written on it.


What does it mean bintu?……i asked in confusion, but she simply walked away from me hissing loudly, and sat on the bed staring at me with anger.


To be continued…………

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