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The next morning, i kept calling gbenga but his phones were still switched off which got me worried about his safety.


What if those force men that took gbenga and his friends away weren’t actually force men?.


What if they were g*un men, or kid*napp£rs?……..i asked within myself in fright.


Oh lord, I know i haven’t talked to you in a while now, but am speaking to you now with a h£avy heart, please keep gbenga safe for me……..I muttered sadly with tears rolling down my eyes.


Harriet stop crying, I strongly believe gbenga is in safe hands, maybe his phones were ceased by the force men who took him away………. bintu said trying to comfort me.


But bintu, they should at least let him use his phone, so he can be able to communicate with his family and loved one’s.


Now how will his people know his whereabouts now?………..I flared up crying uncontrollably.


Be calm Harriet, this faze too shall pass, this is like a test on your love for gbenga………. bintu replied hugging me.


While bintu hugged me, I cried uncontrollably like i had lost someone.


Go on Harriet, cry out all your pains if that will make you feel better…….. bintu said calmly.


I cried out all the pains bottled up in my heart since yesterday, and then I felt a little lighter.


Few minutes later i came out to get prepared for the day, because I know madam Pepe won’t tolerate any of my sad emotions.


While I was bathing in the public bathroom located at the back of the brothel, I heard some girls gossiping about me, I wanted to confront them, but I let it slide.


Girl 1 : That Harriet sef na yeye girl, she go dey love man, she go soon see wetin she dey fine.


Girl 2 : no mind am, man wey all of us dey knack, e reach her turn she go fall in love with am.


Girl 3 : but the guy sef love Harriet oh, you no observe say he no gree make senator pickin knack am?


Girl 1 : na true you talk, Harriet don go use jazz catch that guy because how that stone heart gbenga go just fall in love like that?


Girl 2 : the thing shock me too oh, but I know say madam Pepe no go gree for them sha, make dem carry their yeye love put for their pockets.


Girl 3 : na that one sweet me pass oh, madam Pepe go scatter their stupid love.


Girl 1 : everytime she go dey show herself, see am now, monkey don go market, e no fit come back again.


And then they all burst out laughing wildly which pi£rc£d my h£art and I cried silently inside the bathroom.


I finished bathing and I came out from the bathroom, raising my head up high like nothing happened.


I went in, and bintu informed me that madam Pepe came looking for me, and she asked i see her when I am back.


I knew it was about the event that took place yesterday she wants to see me about.


I simply got dressed and went out to the ber to go and see madam Pepe.


I met madam Pepe on a phone call, so I waited for her to be done with her calls.


30 minutes later she was done with her calls and gave me a long scornful stare.


Good morning ma…….I greeted without looking at her face.


Harriet, Harriet, Harriet, hmmmm harrrriiieeet.

How many times did i call you?……she asked.


Four times ma……I replied.


You must be thinking am a joke to you right?

When I asked you about gbenga the other day, what was your response to me?…….. she asked angrily.


I couldn’t say anything, I was just chewing my nails.


Answer me, you ungrateful, dirty girl……..she shouted ban*ging her hands on the table in front of her.


I told you I had nothing to do with him……I replied in fright.


So why did you lie to me in the first place ehhhnnn Harriet?


Am sorry ma, I was afraid you will not allow it……I said almost in tears.


Now let me sound this as a warning to you again.

You are still under me, and you will work for me until I decide to let you go.

You are not allowed to fall in love, never!!!!


So if you know what is good for you, end whatever thing you have with gbenga or whatever he is called, if you don’t want me to end it for you…….. madam Pepe said with all seriousness on her face.


I just stood in front of her, with tears flowing freely from my eyes.


Hope i made myself clear?…….. madam Pepe shouted.


I nodded in agreement, suddenly my stomach got upset, and I started v0miting right in front of madam Pepe.


Madam Pepe’s eyes widened in shock, and she stared at me like she had seen a ghost.


To be continued………….

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