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While I was dancing, a convoy passed by the bar, but suddenly they stopped.


I didn’t put much attention on them, not until one of the car’s whined down, and a guy from inside, was beckoning on me to come.


I stopped dancing and was staring at the handsome guy in the car.


Ordinarily If i had not known gbenga, i would have rushed to answer the guy calling me from the car.


But ever since I started dating gbenga, I no longer love to pay attention to any other man.


I simply ignored the guy, and continued dancing like I didn’t see him.


Suddenly the guy stepped down from the car, and other of his accomplice stepped out from their vehicles, and they all marched towards the bar.


Immediately they stepped in, everyone in the bar stood up to greet them, except gbenga and his friends.


I was wondering who the young man was that would make everyone stand up to greet him.


To my greatest surprise, madam Pepe rushed to put off the music and kept bowing to greet the guy, then i stopped dancing.


Madam Pepe quickly ordered some girls to get chair’s for the visitors, but the guy quickly declined and told madam Pepe he came because of me.


Suddenly madam Pepe pulled me aside and told me the guy was the son of a respectable senator in the state, and I should try my possible best to behave.


I nodded my head like i was in agreement, but deep down in my heart, I wasn’t happy because I was having a feeling gbenga won’t be happy with this.


We both stepped back to the bar, and the senator’s son kept his gaze on me, to an extent I became shy.


I stylishly stared at gbenga, and his friends, gbenga’s eyes was red with anger which got me scared and I quickly looked away.


Hello pretty dancer, what’s your name?……. the senator’s son asked.


My name is Harriet……I replied facing down.


What is her price for a week?

i would love to have a taste of this dancing angel…….he asked referring to madam Pepe.


Oh, it’s 500k sir…… madam Pepe replied, shining all her teeths.


I stared at madam Pepe in bewilderment, not know what to say to her.


It’s okay that’s cheap though……he replied.


Just then, he signalled one of the boys to open a bag and he brought out some wads of cash, handing it to madam Pepe.


Just immediately, gbenga stood up, bargaining even higher price, which made me begin to see him as a hero.


Madam Pepe, please return that peanuts he calls cash back to him, am paying a million naira to have Harriet for a week…….. gbenga said sarcastically.


Immediately gbenga said that, everyone gasped, including me and like a coincidence, there was a round of applause for gbenga.


Madam Pepe stared at gbenga contemplating if she should allow it or not.


But the price gbenga called seemed mouth watering to her so she didn’t have any choice other than to accept the offer from gbenga.


Madam Pepe reluctantly returned the money back to the senator’s son, placing it in his hands.


Madam Pepe or whatever you call yourself, i think that street t0ut is dru*nk, but anyways am ready to go down this lane with him.

Am paying 1.5million naira to have Harriet…….. the senator’s son said smiling mischievously.


This time around, there was loud clapping and screams in the bar, for the senator’s son which made his head sw£ll.


Gbenga stood up again bargaining for a higher price.


Look at this ajebo pig, madam Pepe am making it 3M, don’t mind this f00l…… gbenga blasted.


Some of the guys there came hailing gbenga at where he sat, some of them even went further to raise him up on their shoulders.


This time, the senator’s son was beginning to get pissed with the event going on.


I was now tired of standing, i then went to sit, to enjoy the show going on.


I can see you are a yah00 boy who just cashed out, and you want to f00lishly lavish it on the head of a l0cal disgusting pr0stitut£ like her………. the senator’s son said to gbenga pointing at me.


Gbenga widened his eyes in shock, at the last statement of the senator’s son.


Gbenga walked up slowly to the senator’s son like he was a robot.


I instantly knew what was about to happen between them, I then stood up to go and stop them, but bintu held me back.


Repeat that thing you just said now…….. gbenga said still getting close to the senators son.


Of course I said what i said she is a disgusting pros……..


Before the senator’s son could finish his last statement, gbenga landed a pu*nch 0n his m0uth and it bl££d£d instantly.


Before the senator’s son could realized what was happening, gbenga div£d him and they b0th went into the gu*tt£r beside the bar which was filled with stagnant di*rty water and trash.


Some of the accomplice that came with the senator’s son tried to sh00t gbenga, but gbenga’s friends quickly att*ack£d them.


They weren’t much, compared to gbenga’s friends, and gbenga’s friends d£f£ated.


I couldn’t bear it anymore, then i rushed out of the bar calling out to gbenga to stop.


Just like magic, gbenga stopped d£aling with the senator’s son and his friends came to pull him out of the gu*tter.


Some minutes later, a van containing several force men, pulled up in front of the bar, and gbenga and his friends were immediately taken away like cri*minals.


I almost ran mad seeing gbenga and his friends being taken away, i tried to follow them, but madam Pepe stopped me.


The senator’s son was brought out from the gu*tter by his men, and they left in shame.


But before the senator’s son left, he pointed at me, telling me he would make sure gbenga r0t in pris0n.


And i shouted back in tears that it won’t work.


The whole bar was in a m£ss after they left, several chair’s and table got br0ken and madam Pepe kept shouting at me, blaming me for the cause of everything.


I couldn’t do anything other than crying, and I kept praying in my heart for gbenga to be safe.


Bintu led me in after seeing that madam Pepe wasn’t stopping her blame’s to me.


That night, i couldn’t sleep, i was worried and I kept calling gbenga but his phones were switched off.


I kept wondering where he was being taken to, prayed he was safe.


I just hope his family influence Can save him this time around from going to ja*il


To be continued…………..

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