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The next morning i woke up as usual, and I looked at the time, it was few minutes past 6am, so i remained on the bed thinking about gbenga.


I then remembered how he and his friends f0ught the guy who was insulting me at the party yesterday.


I let out a smile, gbenga truly love’s me, and I really love him too.


I can’t wait for him to take me out of here so I could leave a normal life.


Fortunately for me gbenga was very rich, he would simply settle madam Pepe with some good amount of money, so that she would let me go, and i will be free from her £vil convenant.


I was still in my thoughts when I thought I heard madam Pepe’s voice outside.


I think she was going from rooms to rooms calling everyone out.


I quickly sat up from the bed to be sure I heard right and unfortunately I heard madam Pepe’s voice again loud and clear calling every girl out.


Her voice sounded bubbly as usual, but I wasn’t just happy hearing it at all.


Why is she resuming now that I have something important to plan, now what will become of me?


I quickly tapped bintu who was still sleeping, to wake up.


“Bintu wake up, madam Pepe is around”……..I said in a whisper.


Bintu quickly stood up from the bed looking confused, seems like she wasn’t happy knowing madam Pepe was around.


Suddenly the door opened widely, and madam Pepe stood by the door ordering us to get prepared for the day activities.


Una still dey sleep?

small holiday wey i go, una don begin dey lazy, oya make una come out oh work don start……. she said that and left to the next door.


Bintu stood up from the bed to go and have her bath, while I still remained in bed feeling angry.


Ejiro on the other hand, followed a client home for two weeks now, and hasn’t showed up, that’s her business anyway, she can take care of herself.


I quickly picked up my phone and called gbenga to tell him the sad news.


Gbenga picked the call at first ring and started showering me with praises, but I quickly stopped him, because I wasn’t in the mood for that.


“Hello gbenga good morning”…….I greeted.


“Good morning iyawo Mii”


“My beautiful gold”


“The only woman who owns my heart”


“My ride or……..”


Gbenga please just stop, am not just in the mood for sweet words this morning…….I said sadly.


Why, what’s wrong, did you had a bad dream?…… gbenga asked concerned.


Far from that gbenga, how i wished it was even a bad dream, I wouldn’t have been this sad……I said angrily.


This one is serious oh, so tell what the problem is then……. gbenga replied.


It’s about madam Pepe oh, she has come back to resume business…….I said sadly.


Is that so, don’t worry jaaare, we will still find a way out, I already spoke to my mom and uncle about you, and they had agreed for you to come over…….. gbenga said happily.



Wow, am so excited, gbenga please hurry up oh, I can’t wait to leave here…….I said happily.


Don’t worry my love, madam Pepe no go fit stop our love you hear…… gbenga teased.


But gbenga, i have a question to ask, what if it happened that I have once had a thing with your uncle, what will be your reaction?…….I asked jokingly.


That’s his business na, but that won’t change my love for you Harriet.

Though my uncle isn’t a promiscuous man, but just in case it happened that way, then I will simply see it as the past…….. gbenga replied.


Awwwwnn, so sweet, do you love me that much?……I asked feeling emotional.


Anything for you Harriet, you captured my heart….. gbenga replied lovingly.


We ended the conversation, blowing kisses to each other.


I reluctantly left the bed, to go and take my bath, I kept murmuring angrily because I was unhappy with madam Pepe’s presence.


After everything, we all assembled at the bar to meet madam Pepe.


Then madam Pepe selected up to 5 girls to follow her to the market.


And then instructed the rest of us to clean the bar and put everything in order before she comes back.


We weren’t yet complete, as some of my colleagues isn’t back from their parol.


The rest of us kept sweeping and cleaning until everywhere was sparkling clean.


We also connected the speakers and music blasted from it.


Just then customers Started trooping in and we began attending to them.


Few hours later madam Pepe came back with the girls from the market, and some of them started cooking.


Madam Pepe’s customer hailed her, and was happy she was back to business.


I felt tired and sat at a corner to rest a little but I ended up dozing.


I wasn’t just in the mood to dance because I wasn’t happy.


Madam Pepe noticed me sitting idle doing nothing, and then she walked up to me telling me to go and dance.


I boldly told her that I was too tired to dance because I was hungry.

It’s past 2pm, and I haven’t eaten anything.


Madam Pepe looked at me closely and simply walked away from me.


30 minutes later, madam Pepe came back with well garnished fried noodles and egg along with chilled malt dropping it in front of me.


Oya take, i instructed the girls to specially make this for you, please eat up so that you will come and dance you hear.

I will pay you well afterwards…… she then left immediately after saying that.


I stared at the mouth watering food in front of me, my stomach rumbled at the sight of it.


I instantly started eating in a hurry like i had been starved for years.

I ate like my life depended on it.


After i finished eating, I had little strength, and then i went to start dancing as i was instructed by madam pepe.


The men there, including madam Pepe were happy seeing me dance, and I was being cheered by them.


While I was dancing, I saw gbenga walked in with his friends, I felt like hugging him, but I restrained myself.


Some of the girls there started flirting around gbenga, i almost stopped dancing to go and fight them.


But i was glad gbenga turned them all down and he maintained eye contact with me.


Occasionally gbenga would come to spray me money and then stylishly compliment me which gave me more energy to dance.


The money i was being sprayed was always taken by madam Pepe, and then she would give me my share.


That day something happened, gbenga did the unimaginable with a client who wanted to have me, I found it kind of funny but I enjoyed the show.


To be continued……………

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