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After i dropped Harriet off at the brothel, I drove back home roughly because I was a bit tipsy, and I wanted to be*at traffic.


While driving, i kept thinking about what Harriet had told me about earlier.


Though I had a secret plan of renting an apartment and furnishing it for her so she can be staying there alone.


But i changed my mind, because the jealous part of me didn’t want Harriet to stay alone and be sna*tched away from me by another man.


Though I trust Harriet, but mehhhnn, she is dammn beautiful, and many other guys like me would go Extra mile just to have her.


I thought of buying a house so we would both be living there as man and wife with our children.


Then send her back to school, and look after our kids while she is in school.


That was my initial plan before Harriet came up with something else.


Harriet couldn’t wait for me to get our own house, she wanted us to live together with my mom and uncle.


I didn’t see anything wrong with that anyway, we have several empty rooms in our mansion, and Harriet can simply live in one of them.


I know my uncle wouldn’t have issues with me bringing Harriet to live with us in the house.


But my mom is too nosy and sometimes has anger issues.


She would want to run a background check on Harriet, and then discovering whére she is from.


Am ready to stand by Harriet, and defend her if my mom tries something funny.


I finally got home and the gate man hurriedly came to open the gate for me, and I drove in.


I parked my car in the garage, and strolled in, i knew i came late, I came in few minutes past 11pm, and definitely mom will scold me, but i don’t care.


Off late, I was beginning to get pissed up of her constant nagging about my coming home late.


I mean, am no longer a kid, and I have right to move in and out whenever I choose to.


I am so going to retaliate, if mom tries to nag at me this night, because am not just in a good mood at all.


I stepped into the house, and as i thought earlier mom and uncle were in the sitting room, looking unhappy.


Eku nle ooh!!!!……I greeted trying to climb the stairs up to my room, but my mom called me back.


Gbenga where are you coming from by this time of the night?…….mom asked angrily.


I halted immediately i heard that question, and then i turned to look at her.


Is that question supposed to be for me or what?…..I asked sternly.


Gbenga don’t be rude to your mother, we’ve been here waiting for you to come home, what kept you out there until this time?……..my uncle asked with a calm demeanor.


I went partying with friends and there was traffic on the way……I replied reluctantly.


Gbenga aren’t you even ashamed of yourself, instead of you to think about how to raise your own family, you are busy frolicking with different women.


Mom stop accusing me with what I know nothing about, i no longer move with women, i am changed now, I was only out with few friends………I fired back at my mom.


Immediately i said that, my uncle let out a giggle and my mom hissed.


Shiiooorr, do you think we are kids that you can lie to, are these not makeups stains on your lips and shirt?…….mum asked sarcastically.


Immediately she said that, I rushed to look at myself at the huge mirror in the sitting room and my eyes widened in surprise, seeing several stains on my shirt and my lips was stained red with Harriet’s lip gloss.


I smiled sheepishly because it had me remembering a hot romantic session between Harriet and I a while ago.


I went back standing before them with my face bent because of shame.


Gbenga don’t be heartless, since you have agreed to be useless in life, please just bring a girl home and and let’s marry her for you so you would give me grand children……..mom said almost in tears.


Gbenga is she the one or no one serious to you…….my uncle asked happily.


Yes,,,yeesss…we have been in a relationship for a while now and we are…….But mom instantly cut me short.


Then what were you still waiting for ehnnnn oloriburuku omo, is it until i died before you would bring her home?

Ahhhh oloun maje…….mom said rolling her eyes at me.


Okay, I will bring her home in a week time, she is an orphan though and she is living with someone for now, so we had been planning on she coming to stay here for now until we get married……I said still looking away from them.


That’s very good my boy, please hurry up and bring her home, this house is big enough to contain us all………my uncle said happily.


I let out a smile feeling fulfilled and happy that they agreed for me to bring Harriet home.


I got to my room and simply showered, and went to bed.


To be continued……..

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