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For good 20 minutes i still kept mute, and gbenga continued pleading with me to tell him what was making me angry.


Babe, we’ve been in this car for over 20minutes now and you have refused to talk to me, you are putting me in the dark, please tell me what the problem is and let’s sort it out…….. gbenga said sadly.


I stared at gbenga, and I almost laughed out loud because he was looking stressed, and I was enjoying the show.


Gbenga, I am beginning to think that you don’t love me, you are only using me……..I blasted, glaring at gbenga.


Harriet, where is this meaningless statement coming from?……. gbenga asked looking pissed up.


It’s coming from a place of realization gbenga, I have now realize you are only keeping me to always warm your bed and nothing serious……….I fired back.


But Harriet several times i have proven my love to you, since we started dating, I have never cheated on you, what else do you want?……… gbenga asked in an unhappy tone.


Gbenga if you have good intentions for me, why haven’t you bothered to move me away from this brothel?


Since we started dating you have never for once took me to your house, it’s always a hotel.

Or are you ashamed to introduce me to your family?…….I asked almost in tears.


But to my surprise, gbenga suddenly let out a hearty laughter which got me perplexed, wondering what was funny.


Then gbenga drew me closer to his side and hugged me, then he went further to kiss me which melted all my anger away.


Harriet, i have great plan’s for you, it’s just that I didn’t want you to stay in my uncles house where i am presently.


I have been planning on buying a house where we can both start our lives together, with our beautiful kids.

Or don’t you want children?……. gbenga asked rubbing my hair.


I blushed at his questions pulling away from him, but I couldn’t look at him.


Gbenga laughed at me and kept reassuring me that he has plans for the both of us and I shouldn’t think much.


But gbenga, i would have preferred you still take me away from the brothel so I can be living with you, i can cope with your uncle and mother……..I said trying to sound convincing.


Are you sure you can stand my mom and uncle, they are not ordinary people you know?……. gbenga asked with a smirk on his face.


Gbenga I can be able to live with them, with time I might get used to them……I replied with confidence.


Okay oh, if you say so, give me a week from now, let me inform them that I will be bringing my iyawo in…… gbenga said smiling sheepishly.


I blushed at the sound of “iyawo” my head kept swelling.


Gbenga reassured his love for me and kept calling me sweet name’s……I wondered why gbenga loved me this much.


After all said and done, we drove off to a birthday party hosted by one of gbenga friends.


The party was entertaining, there were lots to eat, drink and sm0ke.


Gbenga guided me all through the party like he was afraid to loose me.


Though other guys there couldn’t take their eyes off me because of my banging body, but they wouldn’t dare come close.


One of gbenga’s friends came and whispered something i didn’t hear to gbenga ear’s and gbenga stood up in a hurry to to follow the guy away promising me he would be back soon and I shouldn’t talk to anyone there at the party.


I simply nodded my head and gbenga left with the guy.


Few seconds after gbenga left, a guy came came to sit close to me.


The moment the guy sat close to me, i instantly knew who he was.

He was once a frequent customer at the brothel and I he had patronise me once.


How far na Harriet baby, wetin you find come here?……he asked in amusement placing his hands across my shoulders which i quickly pulled away.


Suddenly the crazy nigga saw i didn’t respond to him, he started hurling insult’s at me, calling me unprintable names which attracted everyone’s attention to us.


He even went further threatening he will report me to madam Pepe.


Though the insult’s from him pained me, but I simply ignored him waiting for gbenga to come.


Suddenly gbenga and his friends came out from nowhere, surrounding the guy and dealt with him until he passed.


Seeing that the guy was half gone, I rushed to plead with gbenga to let go.


Gbenga angrily took my hands, and we left the party.


We went to somewhere quiet to have an alone time to continue our happy moments.


After our outing that day, gbenga dropped me off at the brothel, and he left.


I gave bintu feedback on my discussion with gbenga, and she was pleased with gbenga’s response.


To be continued………..

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