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The woman was tall, dark in complexion and very chubby, with a thick ghetto accent.


When the boys sighted her, they immediately stopped b£ating me and started hailing her like she was a celebrity.

Words like….


“Mama pepe for the street”


“Mama general one”


“Swaggerlicious lady” e.t.c.


The boys kept hailing her, some even went as far as lying flat before her, and it got me wondering who this woman was.


Was she a Demi god?…..I asked within.


And then she started speaking, addressing the boy’s who held me hostage.


Wetin make una dey panelswing this shenkes now?…..she asked pointing at me.


Mama, the smallie go carry person goods oh…. one of the boys said.


Na why una be wan bu*rn am?….she asked rudely.


Yes mama, so that stealing go reduce for the area, so we must bu*rn am….. one of the guys shouted.


Before I knew it, the woman brought out some wads of cash and gave it to the guys and they jumped for joy collecting the cash.


I want make una free this small girl go enjoy una self, the smallie na one of my former girls…..she said giving them the cash.


The guys immediately left me and went their way leaving me on the floor with lots of bruis£s and scars.


After they left, the woman looked at me with pity filled eyes and then she stretched forth her hands towards me to pull me up from the ground.


Thank you so much MA for saving my life…..I said almost kneeling down but she stopped me.


That one don do my dear, but you sef, why fine small girl like you go dey thief?…..she asked concerned.


I couldn’t reply, i was staring at me toes feeling ashamed.


Okay, no wahala, follow me make i go treat all this your w0und….she said beckoning on me to follow her, which I did.


He went to a nearby clinic were i was being treated, and given some drugs to enable my wounds heal faster.


Then we left the clinic to her bar and brothel.


It was a very big brothel and bar with speakers blasting music here and there.


They were several girls with same age range with me walking around the bar wearing skimpy clothes with heavy make-up’s.


And the bar had several men drinking and vibing to the music blasting from the speakers.


Immediately we entered, all eyes were on us and I could see some of the men licking their lips which got me perplexed.


They guys were whispering amongst themselves and most of them kept their gaze on me.


Everyone present at the bar hailed the woman who saved me earlier from those guys.


It was then i discovered she was known as madam pepetual, a short form of Pepe.


Madam pepe finished greeting the men at the bar, and led me inside the brothel.


While we were going into the brothel, I could feel gazes at my back, so I stylishly looked back to discover everyone at the bar was still looking at me, but I quickly faced my front, following madam pepe behind her.


To be continued…..

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