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After sparrow was buried, madam Pepe still mourned and instructed us not to open the bar.


Though the rest of my colleagues were still attending to clients, both within and outside the brothel.


But it was for their own gain so they would survive, pending when madam Pepe would resume business.


I on the other hand didn’t attend to any other man apart from gbenga.


Since madam Pepe wasn’t there with us, i secretly met with gbenga every day.


He would always take me round town and then we end up having a good time at a 5 star hotel.


One afternoon i was dressing up to go out to meet gbenga as usual.


Bintu kept staring at me occasionally like she wanted to say something to me.


How far babe, you been staring at me for a while now, do you have anything to say to me?…….I asked bintu waiting for her to speak.


She stared at me again, and then ordered me to sit so she would have a word with me.


I sat down close to her waiting for her to speak but at the same time I wasn’t relaxed, because gbenga was waiting for me outside.


Harriet, you know ever since you came here, i have been like an elder sister to you, and I always wants whats best for you.


Yes you are right……I replied.


This gbenga guy that you are in a relationship with, have you bothered to ask him what are his next plan’s for you?

Fine we know he helped you get back at sparrow, but don’t you also think he should take the next step of taking you away from here, so he could give you a better life?…… bintu asked looking at me with all seriousness.


Immediately bintu asked me those questions, my mood changed from a happy one to a sad one.


Then i instantly remembered i didn’t wanted to stay here in the first place.


It suddenly clicked in my head that I haven’t even bothered to ask gbenga about his plan’s for me and it got me heart broken of how foolish and cheap i had become.


Could it be that gbenga doesn’t love me, and he is just being with me for his own selfish reasons?…..I asked within myself.


Look Harriet, am not trying to paint gbenga bad before you though, but I only want what’s best for you…… bintu said interrupting my thoughts.


Now that madam Pepe isn’t here with us, this is the right time you should move out from here, so that you would have a better life, a life that you always crave for when you newly came here.


This time around tears was now flowing from her eyes, and it got me teary too, we both hugged crying uncontrollably.


After few minutes of crying, i let go of bintu looking at her like she was a precious diamond.


What would i have done without you bintu?

Thank you so much……I said in a whisper.


Bintu let out a giggle and she blushed over my last statement.


But what about you, what will happen to you when am away, don’t you want a good life too?……I asked bintu feeling concerned.


Don’t worry Harriet, I can take care of myself here, i believe when things are balanced with you out there, you will surely remember me……. bintu replied smiling warmly at me.


I smiled back at her, and left the room promising to do as she has said.


While I was still discussing with bintu in the room, gbenga kept calling but I ignored the call.


So when I came out, I saw he was about coming into the brothel, probably to look for me.


I stared at him for some seconds rolling my eyes at him then i let out a loud hiss and walked past him brushing him aside.


I knew he would be surprised with my actions but I didn’t care.


I walked away in a hurry and I went to wait for him beside his car which he parked some mile’s away from the brothel.


Gbenga followed me in a hurry asking what the problem was but I simply ignored him, I only signalled him to open the car so I would get in, which he did in a hurry.


We both got into the car, but gbenga didn’t start it, i could he how worried he was trying to inquire what went wrong with me.


But i was still silent, i didn’t know how to start up the issue that was bothering me, but I said it out anyway.


To be continued……..

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