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My eyes almost popped out of their sockets seeing the text message.


I kept re-reading it countlessly and with each minutes, my heart kept beating fast.


They my hands became shaky and my phone slipped from my hands to the ground.


My knees also got weak, and I sat on the bed staring at nothing.


Several questions kept flooding my mind, like how did gbenga killed sparrow, what if he gets caught?


I was now afraid for gbenga, because I know madam Pepe, she would surely wants to find out who kill£d her brother.


If she finds out it gbenga, then we are both doomed, because it must surely involve me.


I was still lost in my thoughts when I felt a hand on my shoulder and I quickly jumped up out of fright.


What is it Harriet, I have been here for some minutes talking to you, but you seem lost?….. bintu asked concerned.


Am….amm.uhmmm…its nothing…..I replied not looking at her face.


Don’t tell me it’s nothing Harriet, I saw how you left the bar just now.

Tell me, do you have a hand in sparrow’s death?…… bintu asked in a whisper.


No i don’t, why should I…..I replied in a hurry still not looking at bintu.


It’s okay Harriet I only came to check up on you……she said picking my phone from the floor.


Then she stopped abruptly in shock placing her hand on her mouth to stop herself from screaming.


I knew she had already saw the text message from gbenga, it’s too late to start defending myself now.


Bintu dropped my phone, and saw close to me still in shock.


Harriet am beginning to get scared, what if madam Pepe found out gbenga was responsible for sparrow’s death, don’t you think it would involve you too?…… bintu asked almost in tears.


I couldn’t even reply her because I haven’t recovered from the shock gbenga gave to me.


Though I wanted sparrow dead for what he did to me months ago, but I didn’t expect it to be this soon, and I wasn’t expecting it.


All am praying for was that, madam Pepe shouldn’t discover gbenga kill£d sparrow or else we are done for.


That night i sent gbenga several messages but he didn’t reply any of them, I was afraid to call so no one will listen to our conversation.


That night i couldn’t even sleep, because my heart wasn’t settled, i was afraid for gbenga and myself.


The next morning, I tried calling gbenga secretly to speak with him, and he briefly told me he was on his way coming.


He came along with his friends but met the bar closed.


I saw him asking some of my colleagues in pretense why the bar was closed.


Then they told him the news about sparrow’s death.


Gbenga pretended to be sad, then they left to madam Pepe’s house to sympathise with her


The news of sparrow’s death spread round the area and even across the area like harmattan fire.


Sparrow was very famous, and he had lots of friends in the hood, many of his friends always comes to drink at the bar everyday.


For two whole months, we didn’t open the bar because madam Pepe instructed us not to.


She was still mourning her brother at her House and didn’t stepped her foot in the brothel ever since sparrow died.


Sparrow always followed madam Pepe anywhere she goes, he most times runs illegal errands for her because she trusted him with her whole life.


Sparrow was like her personal assistant and spy, so it’s no wonder she’s is so heartbroken about his death.


Sparrow was buried at a cemetery close by after three months of his death.


His friends took his casket dancing everywhere with it, until they finally laid him down.


Me and all the girls walking for madam Pepe, were present there when sparrow was buried.


We all wore black clothes, but madam Pepe wore white.


I watched madam Pepe rolling all over the ground that day still calling on sparrow to come back to her, but some men took her away from the cemetery so she won’t suddenly jump into the grave.


I felt little pity for her, but i still kept telling myself that she deserves it.


If she had simply let me working as a cook or bar girl, my life wouldn’t have been ruined.


Probably i would have saved up some money to further my education.


But madam Pepe forcefully took my virginity, and exposed me for wolves to devour.


The next thing on my mind now is to find a way to break the stupid convenant I have with madam Pepe, so that I can be free to leave.


To be continued………..

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