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I grew up knowing only my mom and her elder brother as my family members.


I could remember while I was growing up, i would constantly ask my mom to tell me who my father is, but she refused.


Mom kept telling me my father was alive, but she isn’t yet ready to show me who my father is.


At some point, I got really angry with mom, but she didn’t care, all she knows was partying around town and following my uncle everywhere.


Though my uncle tried his best to act like a father to me, but I didn’t want to bond with him.


Mom wanted to force me to just accept my uncle as a father figure in my life, and just forget about asking after my real father.


But i didn’t agree with that, I still insisted on seeing my real father.


My uncle still did his best for me anyways, he made sure I went to the best schools in town.


He was responsible for my big boy lifestyle, and he got me anything i want just to impress me.


Mom never got married, and I wondered why, but I didn’t care at all.

She should just show me who my real father is and we are even.


Even my uncle too didn’t remarried after his wife and baby died year’s ago during childbirth, but that’s his business anyway.


I got bu*llied while I was in secondary school by some of my fellow students who knew how i was born.


They always made jest of me calling me a bas*tard, some called me the son of a pros*titute.


The bu*llying got so much and I couldn’t bear it any longer, then i went to join a group of bad boy’s in the school.


Since I started rolling with the bad boy’s, i no longer got bu*llied, and no one dared insulted me again till i left secondary school.


After secondary school, my uncle had wanted to send me abroad to further my education, but I disagreed.


I didn’t wanted to leave my goons alone, so I stayed back and managed to further my education in Nigeria.


While I was in the university, I graduated into joining cu*ltism, sm0king, drin*king, clubbing and womanising.


I always got in and out of the police station every week, for one cri*me to another.


Because of how influencial my mom and uncle was in the society, i never always spend more than an hour in cell, no matter the cri*me i commit.


When I was in university, i never attended class but I always bought my way into the next level until i got a degree in engineering.


I was very famous on campus, and was nicknamed (black shadow).


No one da*red m£ssed with me on campus, not even the lecturer’s, my uncle and mom were influencial, so they would always cover up my atrocities with money.


When I was done with schooling, my uncle still insisted on taking me out of Nigeria, but I still refused.


I told him I wanted to be a musician which he was in support of and gave me a huge amount of money for it.


Mom wasn’t in support of me being a musician, I didn’t care about her opinion.


I was in a studio one afternoon trying to practice some music.


Then some of the guys there kept discussing about a girl named Harriet and how good she was in dancing and bedmatics.


I had interest in the discussion, and I asked them more details on the girl called Harriet.


They gave me every details about her, and i already developed keen interest on her without even seeing her yet.


I told some of my niggies about Harriet and they too confirmed what I was told and most of them even showed me a video of her dancing from their phones.


I admired her immediately i set my eyes on the videos.

Every of her dance moves turned me on.


I have never fallen in love with any lady and I have never been in any serious relationship.


So I couldn’t tell if I had already fallen in love with this Harriet girl, but let see how it goes.


I started visiting the brothel and bar where she works, with my friends.


The place wasn’t quite far from my house, I was frequently going there in disguise as a customer at the bar, or client for the girls there.


I purposely didn’t want to patronise Harriet or talk to her yet.

I kept observing her from afar.


Then I took a bold step one evening while she was dancing and then i gave her my number.


I was kind of afraid she would reject it, but I let out my charmy smile and winked at her to cover my fears.


That same evening she called but I purposely didn’t want to pick, my Truecaller reveled her identity to me.


My heart was suddenly b£*ating fast, and I wondering what was happening to me.


I called her back promising to take her shopping the next day which i did.


Harriet told me about how sparrow ra*ped her and how madam Pepe forced her to do what she didn’t wanted.


At first my plans were to just silently take Harriet away from that brothel.


But that so called madam Pepe kept encouraging men to touch Harriet in front of me.


I knew she was expecting me to react because of her suspicions on my affair with Harriet.


I always got really jealous and angry each time she does that, so I decided to get back at her.


I got the news about sparrow being her only brother, and I smiled mischievously because I would deeply hu*rt her through sparrow.


Then Harriet told me of her birthday party coming up in few days, so I thought it as a perfect way to strike.


The day of her birthday, i purposely didn’t go there including my friends but I sent spies to help me look after Harriet and give me every information going on at the event.


As for sparrow, he was secretly injected by the Barber who was also my spy unknown to him at a barbing saloon where he went to have a hair cut and that was it.


Even when he died, my spies informed me and I sent a brief text to Harriet asking her if she loved my birthday gift to her.


Now that her only brother is gone, i would see how she would happily mess with my woman again……I said aloud smiling in satisfactory.


To be continued……..

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