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Gbenga and I started having an affair but we kept it as a secret.


Ever since I started dating gbenga, I never lacked anything, gbenga secretly gave me gifts and cash through bintu.


I didn’t have a Bank account as at that time, so gbenga couldn’t send me money to my bank account except he gives me cash.


I became more beautiful, all thanks to gbenga.


Gbenga agreed to keep our affair as a secret because he doesn’t want madam Pepe to hu*rt me pending when he gets me away from there.


I developed a strong bond with gbenga, and I always wished to see him everyday.


I was still dancing and still doing the hook up thing for madam Pepe, but I now find it disgusting to have another man touch me apart from gbenga.


Each time I dance at the bar, madam Pepe Wil purposely encourage the men there to touch me right there if they want.


I don’t know if she is purposely doing it for gbenga to react or not, but I just feel something wasn’t right.


I know gbenga wasn’t happy about that, because I usually see how angry he looks whenever madam Pepe does that.


Well I couldn’t just do much, I don’t just want madam Pepe to suspect a thing.


Ever since that day gbenga took me out, madam Pepe didn’t allow gbenga book me or follow him away.


She told him she would only allow him do a short time with me right there in the brothel which isn’t more than an hour.


Gbenga didn’t react to that, and I wondered what was running through his mind.


Few days to my 18th birthday, i told madam Pepe, and she promised to throw a party for me.


I also told gbenga abou the birthday party coming up in few days time and he just let out a sinister smile telling me he has a huge surprise for me that day.


I was so elated thinking it was an expensive gift as usual.


Madam Pepe started telling every of her customers around the area about my birthday.


Because of how famous i was around the area, they happily looked forward to the event.


The D day finally came and the party started by 1pm, before that time, the whole bar was already filled to the brim.


Some had to stay under a canopy outside, because there were no longer space to sit inside the bar.


Bintu made sure I looked my best that day, she took her time to make-up my face, and style my hair.


Then I wore a beautiful short gold colour gown which had plenty design’s on it, gbenga bought it for me and told me to wear it for my day.


I finished dressing up and check my self out before the dressing mirror, and I was wowed with how stunning i looked, I was looking gorgeous as ever and I couldn’t wait for gbenga to see how pretty i looked.


I stepped out from the room to the bar and everyone started screaming happily, and I was then ushered to sit on a chair kept for me.


While I sat there, I kept looking around the crowd present there if i would see gbenga, but I couldn’t see him.


Then my countenance changed, I was no longer happy and I still kept looking around for gbenga but I couldn’t see him anywhere.


I almost left the event angrily, but I just have to calm down so that madam Pepe won’t be suspicious of me.


My birthday party was almost coming to an end, people were already leaving one after the other, still yet gbenga never showed up.


I was so angry, why would gbenga miss my big day and not inform me?…..I asked silently.


I couldn’t bear it anymore, and then i picked up a cig*arette and started crying with tears rolling down my eyes.


Madam Pepe rushed to me asking what the problem was, but I simply told her it was tears of joy which she believed.


The party finally came to an end, and everyone all left, remaining a few who had business with my colleagues.


Suddenly we saw sparrow coming from only God knows where.


He was staggering and some guy’s quickly rushed to help him.


They held him to the bar and i was surprised seeing him that way.


Sparrow kept writhing in pains muttering incoherent words.


For the first time in my life, I saw fears all over the almighty madam Pepe’s face.


Suddenly she started crying, pleading on sparrow to talk to her.


Before we knew what was happening, sparrow started bringing out foam from his mouth until he gave up the ghost.


Madam Pepe let out a very loud sharp cry holding sparrow to her Bossom, begging him to come back to her.


I stood there transfixed, I didn’t even know if i should be happy or sad.


It was then i knew sparrow was madam Pepe’s only brother.


Anyways, that serves them right, I wonder what happened to sparrow that led to his death, but he deserves it for ra*ping me.


I sneaked out of the bar to my room so I could call gbenga to found out why he didn’t come as he promised.


I brought and my phone and I saw a text message from gbenga which gave me goosebumps all over my body.


“It reads”…….. “hello Harriet did you get my birthday gift to you?(sparrow’s death)”


To be continued…….

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