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Gbenga stopped the car as i instructed and looked at me, waiting for me to speak first.


What’s the matter Harriet, why did you ask us to stop here?….. gbenga asked concerned.


Gbenga, am worried, why did you choose me of all people to love me?

What if your family founds about what I do, and reject me for you?…..I asked worriedly.


Like I said to you earlier, i love you for who you are, and not because of what you do, you are the best lady for me.

Am not perfect either, so one can decide what’s best for me…… gbenga replied.


Then gbenga asked about my parents and I told him how i ran away from the orphanage home where I was raised, and how madam Pepe found me when I was about to be lynched because I stole from someone.


But gbenga, i didn’t wanted to be working as a core girl for madam Pepe, i don’t like this kind of lifestyle am living.


I went further to tell gbenga how i was bru*tally ra*ped by one of madam Pepe’s boys called sparrow simply because I didn’t attend to my client well.


Gbenga got really angry, and promised to get back at sparrow and madam Pepe for what they did to me some months ago.


I asked gbenga of his parents, and he told me his mum refused to tell him who is dad was, meaning he doesn’t know if his his dad was alive or not.


He further explained that him and his mum lived with his uncle, which was his mother’s brother.


We kept talking on and on about our lives not until gbenga reminded me that I have to go.


The slutty nature in me, didn’t allow me go just like that, i wanted to have a taste of gbenga because I have been craving for a feel of him for long, now that I have the opportunity, i wont let it slip from my hands.


Suddenly i pulled gbenga closer to myself for a kiss.


The kiss was so intense to some extent it led to foreplay between us.


I then gave him a sweet hot steamy ride inside the car which got the both of us m0*aning with ecstasy.


We went on and on until we were both drained.


After we were done, we dressed up inside the car like nothing happened, and gbenga moved forward to the brothel and dropped me.


Madam Pepe was surprised to see me back that same day, and was more surprised to see me with huge shopping bags filled with what gbenga bought for me.


She called me aside to confront me, but I told her I didn’t know why gbenga asked me to come back.


According to her, she said gbenga paid to her to have me with him for a week.


Before my very eyes, she picked her phone, and called gbenga to confirm if truly he asked me to come back that same day.


To her disappointment, gbenga angrily told her he wants to travel that’s why he brought me back.


Madam Pepe collected the items gbenga bought for me and was inspecting them.


Was he the one who bought all these for you?…..she asked in a sneer.


Yes,…..I mean no, i bought them with my savings……I lied.


Madam Pepe stared at me suspiciously like i wasn’t saying the truth.


Harriet it better not be what am thinking, if I find out you are already in love with that guy, you sure know what I will do to you……she said looking straight to my eyes.


God forbid, why will i fall in love with that beast?

Trust me madam Pepe i can never fall in love with any man now, am too young for that…..I replied in pretense.


Madam Pepe rolled her eyes at me like she doesn’t believe me and walked away from me hissing loudly.


I hurriedly left to the room and luckily I met bintu there who was eating.


Nawa for you oh Harriet, you just knack finish, and you couldn’t even wash up before putting on your clothes?

Looked at how you are smelling like orgnism…… bintu said scornfully.


Don’t mind me jaaare, it was a little quickie in the car……I replied laughing.


Bintu happily grabbed the things I bought from me and was going through them.


She kept screaming at the price tag of each dresses bags and shoes because of how expensive they cost.


I gave bintu some of the things I bought to show appreciation for what she has done for me ever since I came here.


Bintu was grateful and kept hailing gbenga too.


We discussed about my shopping sprees and outing with gbenga and how fun it was.


I could see the genuine happiness on bintu face, she advised i take things slowly with gbenga so that madam Pepe won’t suspect us and get rid of me.


She further told me a story of a one of the former girls in the brothel who once fell in love with a client.


Immediately madam Pepe noticed it, she warned the girl to end the relationship with the client.


But the girl refused, and madam Pepe sent her boys after the client, thinking that would make her forget about love.


But the girl keeled herself when she discovered madam Pepe had keeled her lover.


The story sent cold shivers down my spine so I made it a point of duty to lay low for now until gbenga strikes.


While we were still talking, gbenga called me and we talked briefly and wished each other a goodnight.


I went to have my bath, and i immediately slept off.


To be continued…..

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