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After i finished dancing, i went straight to the room and the first thing I did when I got to the room, was bringing out the piece of paper that was given to me earlier by my crush.


I carefully opened the paper to see what was written on it.


“Hello Harriet baby, here’s is my number, 07…. please call me i need to talk to you”.


After i read what was written on the piece of paper, my heart instantly melted for joy, and I smiled sheepishly re-reading it.


I quickly brought out my phone from where I kept it before going out to dance.


I started calling the number written on the piece of paper, But I didn’t get any response.


I kept calling and calling but still no response, and then i angrily tossed my phone aside and brought out a cigarette to smoke.


While smoking, i kept pacing back and forth in the small room, kicking everything on my way because I was angry.


You ass*h0le, why did you gave me your number if you wouldn’t pick my calls?……I asked aloud.


Just then bintu walked in, she had gone to take her bath earlier because she had a client to attend to.


What’s wrong with you Harriet, you look tensed, is everything alright?….. bintu asked concerned.


“Am fine”…..I lied.


No you are not, talk to me, is everything okay?….. bintu asked again.


I am trying to call someone, but he isn’t picking up……I replied angrily.


And who is he?…… bintu asked suspiciously.


He normally comes to the bar on a daily basis with his fellow guys, he is a thug with a tribal mark on his face I don’t know if you remember him…..I replied shyly.


Oh you must be speaking about gbenga right?


I don’t know his name, I only know he comes here regularly……I replied.


But why are you calling him, did he asked you out?…… bintu asked smiling mischievously.


No he only gave me a short piece of paper which he wrote on it that i should call him.


Eeeyyaahhh, maybe he will call you back later sha…… bintu replied.


Why would he wrote his number for me when he knew he wouldn’t pick?

Or probably he wrote the wrong number for me…..I lamented sadly.


Haba, Harriet calm down na, this one you are overreacting like this because he didn’t pick, there’s no smoke without fire oh, abeg gist me na….. bintu said sitting close to me.


I smiled and told her i had been having a crush on gbenga for a while now and when he finally gave me his number i felt like my wish had been granted.


While we were still discussing, my phone ranged and it turned out gbenga was the one calling.


I smiled like someone who was given an award and quickly answered the call at first ring and I placed it on speaker, so that bintu can listen to our conversation.


Hello, who am I speaking with?……his sweet masculine voice sounded.


Immediately i heard his voice, i had goosebumps all over my body and couldn’t reply, i was carried away by his voice.


Bintu pinched me to speak which brought me back to present.


I spoke with gbenga, and I was feigning anger that he didn’t picked my calls earlier.


He apologized that he was busy that why he couldn’t pick and then we got talking.


We were both on phone trying to know each other, and I was kind of surprised with the way he spoke nicely to me.


Since I knew him coming to the bar, he has never spoken to anyone with respect, including madam Pepe, no one dares offends him.


We spoke on phone for over an hour, and he promised to come pick me up the next day for shopping and then the conversation ended.


After the conversation i kept blushing and smiling sheepishly which made bintu laughed at me.


Hmmm, I go love oh…. bintu said laughing uncontrollably.


Abeg come dey go where you dey go, make you leave me and my boyfriend alone…..I said jokingly.


Hmmm ashawo no dey love oh…. bintu replied and ran off from the room before I could say anything.


I just laughed tiredly and went to take my bath for the evening show at the bar.


To be continued……

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