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So with each passing day, the hatred i had for madam Pepe and sparrow increased.


I became a full time core girl, I was no longer the shy holy girl anymore.


Each time I set my eyes on sparrow, i had the urge to just walk up to him and stab him, because I kept remembering how he raped me that day.


My plan was to just kill sparrow and madam Pepe and then i run away from the brothel to somewhere else so I could leave a normal life.


I didn’t want to tell bintu of my plans because I know she will never agree with me.


I was very determined to eliminate madam Pepe , even if it will take me year’s, but I didn’t know how to go about it.


Although Keeling madam Pepe won’t be easy, because she is very smart, calculative and fetish.


But i just have to find a way to go about it, because I can’t just allow my life to be ruined here in this hotel.


Bintu and I became very close, she became the elder sister i never had.


Ejiro on the other hand was no longer giving me attitude as usual, we were beginning to get along with each other, but I was closer to bintu the most.


Well within six months of working with madam Pepe as a core girl, I had became a pro at everything i was sent to do.


To an extent most clients that I was being sent to always kept me me with them for days and weeks before am being let go.


Some of my colleagues at the brothel Got jealous of me because of how i attracted more clients than them.


So many of them has spent years with madam Pepe before I came, but wasn’t getting attracted to men with riches like i do.


Since I came, madam Pepe’s bar boomed with more clients because of me.


My name spread round the area even farther away like harmattan fire.


All of them wanted to have a taste from me because of how naturally well endowed i was.


We were up to thirty girls in the brothel, but I was the only one getting beautiful compliments and tips everyday.


I was now living a big girl lifestyle there in the brothel because of my fame.


Madam Pepe noticed how famous i was becoming, and then she turned me into a dancer promising to always pay me for it.


Madam Pepe brought some lingerie for me and asked me to be dancing for her customers at the bar to bring in more customers for me.


I didn’t like the idea, but I did it anyways since it involves money.


Each time I dance, i get sprayed and was also being constantly touched by the men there.


There was this guy who i know was a notorious thug in the area.


He normally comes to drink at the bar with his fellow goons and maybe carry a girl along with him or go in for the business.


He has never made any attempt to take me home or have any sexual act with me.


I find him cute though but I was kind of wondering why he is not worshipping my body like the way others do.


That day i was dancing as usual, and surprisingly this thug of a guy came and was spraying me some naira notes.


I felt elated that he was finally admiring me but I pretended not to notice him, and i continued dancing.


Then he stylishly slipped something into my hands and i felt it’s a piece of paper.


He winked at me and left the bar, while I stylishly slipped the little sheet of paper into my bra.


To be continued……..

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