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Immediately i saw madam Pepe and sparrow barged in, i hurriedly stood up from the bed in fright.


I greeted madam Pepe, but instead she responded to me with two dirty sla*ps on my both cheeks.


You this small brat, I sent you on a small errand and you went there to disgrace my name abii?….. madam Pepe asked angrily.


Am sorry ma, I didn’t mean to disrespect you, i was not just ready, please ma, give me little time…..I said holding my stinging face in pains.


You must be joking Harriet, seems like you don’t know me yet, by the time i am done with you, you will never be stubborn again.


And then she communicated with sparrow in a ghetto language that I didn’t understand.


“Sparrow”…… she called.


” Ma “……he answered


“Match this smallie make i dey look una”


After she made her last statement, she sat on one of the plastic chairs in the room opposite the bed.


I still didn’t understand what was going on, not until sparrow started struggling with me, trying to push me to the bed.


We struggled for minutes, and he punched my stomach which made me instantly weak.


Sparrow overpowered me, and rap*ed me mercilessly, I was shouting at the top of my voice, but no one could intervene.


Madam Pepe locked the door earlier when she came in, coupled with the loud music at the bar, my voice won’t be easily heared.


At some point, I started loosing strength and then i passed out.


Some time later, a cold splash of water on my face woke me up from my unconsciousness.


Look at her weak like vegetable, come on wake up…… madam Pepe said loudly.


I tiredly opened my eyes, and madam Pepe stood staring at me.


I had wanted to start crying when I remembered what sparrow did to me, but I was afraid of what madam Pepe would do to me.


The whole bed was soaked with bl00d, and I was still bl££ding which was making me feel weak.


Then madam Pepe’s mocking voice referring to me, brought me back to present.


And she was truly a virgin oh, eeeyyaahhh, but am not sorry about that.


If you had allowed that client I sent you to earlier today, to knack you now, he would have been gentle with you, but you were trying to play smart with me, you never see anything yet…… madam Pepe said in mockery.


I couldn’t even say anything, uncontrollable tear began to fall down my eyes as madam Pepe kept saying hurtful words to me.


Just then a girl brought hot water to madam Pepe and she left afterwards looking at me with me.


I know the girl would go out and tell the rest girls what happened to me, how am I going to raise my head up high knowing how i was brutally ra*ped.


Just then madam Pepe roughly spread my legs and was pressing my VJ with the hot water.


I was screaming in pains, because the water was very hot, and it burned my skin round that area.


Madam Pepe didn’t mind my shouting and pleadings for her to stop, she kept pressing me with the hot water filled rag on her hands, until she was satisfied.


When she was done, she gave me some dr*ugs but I didn’t take them because I didn’t trust her.


Immediately madam Pepe left the room, bintu quickly rushed in like she had been waiting by the door.


She hugged me and we both cried together like we lost someone.


Bintu led me to the bathroom to have a warm bath, because I couldn’t even walk properly.


Before I finished bathing, she had changed the bedspread and put a new bedspread over the bed.


Bintu treated like a princess and made me feel better.


Right there and then, i started planning something big in my heart.


I planned on taking down sparrow by all means, then followed by madam Pepe.

I promised myself to be her karma and end.


That was how the journey of my main life began, i became though and rude after that day because of the pain i had in my heart.


To be continued……

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