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The driver stopped right in front of a huge gate, telling me this was the house address given to him.


I reluctantly stepped out of the cab with a heavy heart and rearranged my dress and wig.


I gently knocked on the gate, and then a gate man came out to attend to me.


“You are Harriet right”?……he asked staring at me with a mischievous smile on his face.


“Yes am Harriet”….I replied shyly looking at my feets.


“Come with me”


Then I stepped into the house following the gateman behind.


The house wasn’t that big, but it was a simple, beautiful bungalow.


Then I saw a man old enough to be my father, stepped out of the house.


I felt angered, disgusted, and irritated.

What sort of mess have i gotten myself into?…..I asked within me.


Just then i felt a hand on my bare shoulders which jolted me out from my thoughts.


“Young lady are you okay”?

I have been talking to you since, but you seem lost….. the man asked concerned.


Yes am fine sir, sorry about that….I replied gently removing his hands from my shoulders.


“It’s okay let’s go in”….he said holding my hand to take me in.


Immediately i Heard “let’s go in” my heart lea*ped from my che*st.


Go in to do what sir?…..I asked being afraid of the unknown.


I don’t understand you young lady, is this not your job, why this childish questions?…..he asked angrily.


Me seeing that he had flared up, I gently apologized and followed him.


We got in, and he asked me to sit down and make myself comfortable, but I wasn’t comfortable at all.


I started feeling nervous, my whole palm was sweating despite the AC in the sitting room.


What should I offer you,

Is it drink, cigarette or food?….. the man asked.


None of the above sir, I am fine…..I replied nervously.


If that be the case, let get down to the reason you are here……he replied standing up from his position to meet me.


He walked up to me, kissing and smooching me, and then he started whispering some dirty word’s into my ears


“I can’t wait to have you screaming under the mercy of my sweet banana baby “…….he said still kissing and smooching me.


I couldn’t stand the irritating things he was saying and doing to me anymore, then i pushed him away from me with all the strength i have in me.


Immediately i pushed him away from me, i started crying because I wasn’t ready for what he was about to do to me.


Now you are getting me pissed up young lady, what is the meaning of all this, why are you acting strange since you came here, Don’t tell me this is your first time?…..he asked several questions angrily.


I couldn’t even respond to him, i was just shedding tears uncontrollably.


Wait are you new to this job?…..he asked impatiently.


“I nodded like a robot”


And then the man hissed loudly cursing under his breath, it seemed like he was frustrated.


What kind of problem is this, I payed to your madam for a girl who would match my energy, not a stupid novice like you……he lamented pacing all over the sitting room.


Just then he took out his phone from his pocket and was calling someone.


But when I heard who he was talking to, my he*art skip*pยฃd a bยฃat because what she would do to me when I get back to the brothel.


“Hello madam”


Hello oga, you must have gotten your package right?…… madam Pepe asked happily over the phone.


Why did you send a novice to me?

Please am returning her back, send another girl who is an expert to me, i don’t want to have anything to do with this one you sent.


Okay no problems sir, I have heard you,… madam Pepe replied and hunged up.


After their conversation, he brought out some cash from his wallet, and threw it at me.


Am sure that’s enough for your transportation back to where you came from?

Please take that and leave my house…..he said without looking at my face.


I carefully picked the money being thrown at me, and put it inside my purse.


He impatiently walked me to the door, after i came out, he shut it loudly behind me.


I hurriedly walked to the gate and I stepped out of the compound.


I didn’t know my way around here, and I didn’t have a phone with me that I can call anyone at the brothel for help.


Then I remembered bintu wrote her number for me on a piece of paper before I left the brothel, her reason was incase anything happens, so I would call her.


I knocked back on the gate, and begged the gateman to lend me his phone so I could call someone and he agreed.


I called bintu and explained everything to her in tears and I also told me that I didn’t know my way back to the brothel.


And then bintu directed me to where I would enter a public bus coming straight to the area where the brothel is.


I returned the phone back to the gateman and thanked him greatly.


I found a park close by as bintu has described.

The park was a very busy place and everyone there was staring at me.


I couldn’t stand the look on their faces, so I just chartered a cab, which took me away from there immediately.


He stopped me Infront of the brothel, and I stepped out from the cab paying him his money.


I was still having some money left because the money that man threw at me was more than enough to get a cab.


While I was going in to the brothel, i saw madam Pepe sitting at her usual spot at the bar area.


Surprisingly she didn’t say anything to me and then I looked away from her because I was afraid of her look.


I got to the room and just layed on the bed because I was really tired for that day.


The door opened wide, and madam Pepe rudely breezed in with one of her boys called sparrow.


To be continued…….

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