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It was a rainy and stormy night, while the rest of my roommates slept snoring loudly, I sat up staring at my window, watching the heavy downpour of the rain.


I just couldn’t sleep because I kept thinking about my life and future, i wasn’t happy.


Since I clocked 17, I started having sleepless nights and I also started being uncomfortable about my present situation.


The orphanage home I grew up in started looking like a dungeon to me and I began to crave for freedom.


So many times I had wanted to escape from the orphanage home, but it wasn’t just possible.


I was told by the owner of the orphanage home, that I was brought in to this place the day i was born.


The woman told them my mom died while giving birth to me and my mom had no family she could take me to.


And then the owner of the orphanage home named me Harriet, which i was bearing till this moment.


With each passing day, my quest for freedom increased and I was very determined to get it.


I had wanted freedom away from the orphanage home because, I feel I don’t belong here.


I love exploring, so there was no way I could explore being trapped in here, so I have to move away from here, so that I can be free to explore.


So one morning, while everyone was busy doing one thing or the other, i carefully sneaked out of the compound.


We didn’t have a gate, so it was a bit easy for me to escape.


While I was out of the orphanage home, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to an unknown destination.


I wasn’t even familiar with the environment because we weren’t allowed to come out while I was still in the orphanage home.


I didn’t pick anything with me when I was moving away, it was just me and my self roaming around looking for how to survive.


I was simply walking alone without directions or place.


I thought of where i would sleep tonight, now that am homeless.


But i didn’t have any idea, the thought of me finally getting the freedom i craved for overwhelmed me.


Just then i started feeling hungry, and I checked the local wristwatch I was putting on, and the time was 1pm.


Ahhh….I exclaimed.


Did I walk this long to have not noticed it’s afternoon already?….I thought.


Just then, my tummy made a rumble signifying hunger, and I was very thirsty too.


I didn’t have a dime with me, so how am I going to get something to eat and drink?….I wondered.


Then I saw a shop some mile’s away and I made up my mind to go there and beg to see if I would get what to eat and drink.


I got to the shop and I met a beautiful woman there lying on a mat inside the shop and then i greeted her first before telling her why I came.


“Good afternoon ma”….I greeted.


Good afternoon, what do you want to buy?…..she asked me rudely because I interrupted her sleep.


Madam please, i have been walking since morning and I haven’t eaten anything since morning.


I don’t know if you can help me with anything to eat and drink, please i don’t have any money on me…..I pleaded.


Look at this small girl oh, so you mean i should give you something to eat and drink, in this hard economy?

You must be out of your mind…..she said hissing and rolling her eyes at me.


Ma please help me, I am very famished…..I said still pleading but she ignored me.


Just then i thought she wasn’t looking and I quickly grabbed a bottle of coke and bread.


As i was about running away, she raised alarm and some group of boys started chasing after me.


I ran as fast as possible but they kept chasing after me with w£ap0ns in their hands.


I ran to some extent that my strength failed me and I fell down pleading for them to spa*re me.


My cries and pleads fell on deaf ears as the mob kept b£a*ting me with w£a*p0ns of different kinds.


There placed a tyre on my neck wanting to s£t me ablaz£ but was stopped by a woman who had a huge hotel and bar close by.


To be continued….

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