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He tried to reach me so many times, but I made up my mind, even his kids wanted me back, but I couldn’t go back either.


I needed a new life, it even caused my younger sister to get pregnant at the age of 13, because I couldn’t pay her school fees anymore.


she got married at the age of 15 to the man who impregnated her, and I thank God, they’re happily married.


In fact, all my siblings are happily married, and I thank God for that, even though they didn’t went further with their education.


As for me, I went to another town, thank God I got a job as a housekeeper.


I didn’t mind because I couldn’t get nursing job that easily, so I had to accept the job, I worked for this family for 4 good years.


They were so good to me, they took me like one of their own, and I appreciated God for that.


After 4yrs, I decided to go into another relationship, then I found a man, who was ready to marry me.


I was afraid at first, but when I told the family I was working for, they advised me, that I should give him a chance, and I I did exactly that.


After the introduction, I moved in with him, and here we are, 6yrs in marriage, and God has blessed us with a beautiful daughter.


And our unborn child is on the way, my man is the best thing that has ever happened to me, his family loves me, and I love them too.


So after the suffering, stress and the humiliation, I went through in hands of my cheating ex husband, God has been faithful to me.


My husband is not rich, but he’s always there for me and my family, in this 6yrs of marriage, he has never, not even once, lay even a finger on me.


So my dear, I would like to tell my fellow women, don’t stay in an abu*sive marriage, because I’m very sure if I continued in my former marriage, I would’ve been d£ad by now, coz of pressure, stress and beatings.


But I thank God, I’m alive to tell the story, I am telling you this story, so that others can learn from it.


Thank you for your time my beautiful writer.




Written ✍️ by Martha

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