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My supposed husband turned me to a punching bag.


I married a widower, with 2 kids, a girl and a boy, I didn’t mind though, because I took the kids like my own.


By the grace of God, I met a lady, she’s a doctor, and I told her my story, she was a friend to this husband of mine, and the lady agreed to take me back to school.


I then went to College, Nursing institution, and I became a nurse, this lady tried all she could, until I got a job in District Hospital in my area.


I became a pupp£t in my husband’s house, he I was the one taking care of everything, ranging from food, rent , school fees for his kids, I mean everything.


I was like a sl*ave, but I didn’t mind, because it’s his friend who made me who I am, and he could boldly say it to my face.


I endured because I was the one who was still paying school fees for my younger sister.


I couldn’t get pregnant for him, and I don’t know if it was God’s doing, but I endured all his mistreatment for good 5yrs, until I decided to quit the marriage.


I left him because it was like I was in ja*il, I couldn’t talk to any man, or greet a man, because after that, I will explain why I talked to the man, or else I’ll receive the b£atings of my life.


Even in the hospital where I work, there was a spy, I couldn’t chat with any of my male colleagues.


Before leaving him, I decided to first quit the job, and leave the town, that’s after I realized that the woman who helped me, was his sugar Momma.


He would lie to me that he’s going to work, but he’s going to sleep at the woman’s house, I left everything, after 5yrs of marriage, traveled to another town, and start a new life.


To be continued……..


Written ✍️ by Martha

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